Yoni Oil


Ladies you cannot be bougie and have an ugly Yoni okkkkk! I been testing this oil for awhile now and I must say I don’t know why I didn’t make this sooner! You will not only feel confident when using this oil on your lady parts ….your man will be thanking me too! 👅💦 This Yoni Sacred Oil, will help promote and maintain the natural PH levels of your vagina. 😻😻 All my Yoni oils are made with all natural ingredients and extracts. It takes up to a month for me to make!

Pineapple all organicPineapple RoseTermRose Vanilla all organic


All ingredients are 100% Organic and The Benefits of this oil include:
  • Helps with Natural toning & tightening of the Vagina.
  • Helps with Healing from yeast/Minor bacterial infections and so much more.
  • Lubricates and moisturizes your yoni leaving it soft and supple.
  • Helps to Rid vagina of any odor
  • Pleasant refreshing taste (safe for oral ingestion)
  • Lovely natural scent that leaves you feeling fresh & clean all day.
  • This oil is naturally antibacterial/anti fungal
  • Aids in regulation of feminine cycles
Ingredients such as flax-seed oil, pineapple extract or rose extract, marshmallow root extract, slippery elm bark and other natural ingredients. Does not contain peanuts.
How to use: Apply a few drops daily, after shower or bath to external area. Can be used as often as you’d like, throughout the day this product is all natural.

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Pineapple all organic, Pineapple RoseTerm, Rose Vanilla all organic


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