I have always been what I call a “skincare junkie”. I would spend thousands of dollars on commercial products that would leave me not necessarily satisfied. I didn’t understand how could something cost so much and be the least effective. I started Lavish Skin By B back in 2013 after my father passed away from cancer. I remember walking in the mall going into my favorite bath shop at the time and turning to my mom saying… know what I can make my own products. From that very statement my interest in skincare heighten. I would go into bath shops, retail shops, you name it and read the back of the labels all in which I could barely pronounce any of the ingredients. It was my mission to find quality ingredients that not only makes you look good but makes you feel good as well! Lavish Skin By B takes pride in her products! It is just not a hobby this is my passion! I treat your skin like my skin! My motto is “Treat your skin don’t cheat your skin! You will be wearing it for a long time!


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